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Seal coating is the process of applying a liquid formula to the surface of the asphalt.  The seal coat is specifically designed to protect the asphalt from the normal wear and tear of traffic, as well as the damage arising from winter cracking.  Regular application of seal coat will dramatically extend the life span of the asphalt, and drastically reduce the cost of upkeep.  We use a premium industrial grade mixture which will hold up for years to come, and provide the dark black look of freshly paved asphalt.




Cracks typically occur when water penetrates the surface of the asphalt and expands upon freezing during winter months.  When cracks appear they allow even easier passage for water to get into the asphalt, and thus can cause more significant damage.  To prevent this, we first route out the crack to create a reservoir with more surface area for the filler to bind to.  We then inject liquefied rubber into the recently widened crack, and spread out any additional rubber by hand to ensure the rubber dries flat to the asphalt.




In addition to our other services, we are also able to paint stripe any sized lot.  We use bright white and yellow paints to beautify your lot, and create the image of a brand new pavement.  We are able to refresh current lines or create entirely new ones, and are capable of creating any special markings needed such as handicapped parking spaces, fire lanes, etc.  




When cracking damage to the asphalt is too extensive to be effectively filled with hot rubber, patching must be done.  One method of patching we offer is called infrared patching.  During this process we place an infrared heater over the area of defect and reheat the asphalt to roughly 350 degrees.  This causes the asphalt particles to detach and rebind with one another after cooling, which allows the surface to be reformed and cracks erased.   Another method of patching is to simply saw and remove the affected area, and refill with new asphalt.  In either method, the finished product is then sealed and damage free.




Before beginning the job, a complete cleaning of the work area is mandatory for a high quality finished product.  Before sealing, crack filling, or patching, we thoroughly clean the work area by removing all dirt and debris from the surface of the asphalt.  This is done with the aid of steel and power brooms to lift off dirt which has become caked on over time.  We then use high powered blowers to remove the fine dust and dirt entirely.  This step is essential, as it allows the product (be it sealer or crack filler) to form a much stronger bond with the asphalt.

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